“Robust & Industrial IP-DECT Handsets and Systems”

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German Engineered Durability

Precision engineered and designed in Germany with shatterproof housing, IP-40 or IP65 ratings and made with high quality components to meet all the heavy-use demands in everyday business and in critical work environments in manufacturing, logistics, retail, industrial, healthcare, hotels, education and car dealerships. 

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Add Handsets to any DECT-GAP System

A complete range of advanced tough business and industrial handsets that can be used for every work function for office work, industrial areas, warehouses, medical facilities, lone workers, security and even explosion protected ATEX handsets in challenging work environments added to any existing DECT-GAP environment. 

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Systems for every Size of Installation

Systems and IP-DECT Controllers integrate with existing IP PBX with coverage from 10 - 10,000 users with a complete range of Base Stations, Messaging and even Sensors. Business efficiency is hightened and the health, safety and security of employees is increased in case of emergencies, fire, security-breaches and man-down situations.  

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