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Security & Communication

More than 50 Years of experience

Powerful and Flexible Secure Communications Platforms for IP-DECT & TETRA & GSM

Designed and Built in Germany

funktel offers best-in-class Personal Emergency Signal Alarm Solutions that combine with DECT, TETRA, and GSM radio communication networks. Our solutions offer specific room localisation of persons in danger.

Security Systems

The funktel Security Solutions enable a person in distress to be precisely localised by means of inductive location beacons (IOS). Via instant alam exact positioning will be routed immediately to client workstations to ensure rapid reponse times to the person in need.

Connecting and Controlling

funktel connects and controls all your fixed and mobile devices in a reliable solution that is highly scalable from small to large areals.

funktel's Core Competences

Personal Security

Security for every lone worker, certified by
German's Employers‘ Liability Insurance Association

Guard Round Control

Security for wide areas
by warden's localisation and direction messages


Precise localization of people
accurate to room and floor

Explosion protection

Certified for hazardous areas
according to European ATEX directive


Intelligent and automatic scenarios
for quick evacuation in alarm situations


Professional priority messaging with
integration of equipment and buildings