DC200 DECT Controller

Reliable systems for high-performance communication networks

The DECT controller Funktel DC200 provides a reliable solution that demonstrates decades of refining the most complex tasks in telephone engineering and wireless communications.

The DC200 is the central management tool for complex DECT infrastructure, where all the DECT system's functions are configured via the intuitive web front end.

All connected base stations are auto discovered by the system's scanning function. DECT encryption and DECT over IP encryption can be handled via the DECT controller, as well as, VLANS and the SIP functions for VoIP telephony.

Maintenance and Monitoring can be centrally controlled via the DECT controller. Synchronization of Funktel FB3 , FB4 and mass deployment for the DECT handsets are supported, as well as time settings via NTP sever and SNMP.

The DECT environment can easily be provided to existing VoIP or SIP PBX systems. In connection with a Secure Server, the Funktel DECT controller supports alarm and messaging services with most VoIP PBX systems of other manufacturers.



  • Up to 1000 DECT handsets
  • Up to 250 IP base stations
  • Up to 60 simultaneous connections



  • Convenient configuration on PC via Web front-end 
  • Scan function with automatic recognition of all connected base stations
  • Configuration of DECT encryption 
  • SNMP supported 
  • VLAN supported 
  • Encrypted transmission of IP-DECT signals on the LAN 
  • Mass deployment 
  • Various monitoring functions (servicing and logging) 
  • SIP configuration (conversion of DECT subscribers to SIP subscribers) 

Synchronisation of the base stations:

  • Via wireless interfaces 
  • Via Ethernet (IEEE 1588-compliant, as of Q2/2013 (approx.), with special hardware) 
  • Mixed 

PBX connection:

  • Interoperable with existing SIP-/VoIP-PBX
  • Simple means of making a DECT environment available to existing SIP-/VoIP-PBX
  • The Security Serve add-on option offers alarm and messaging functionality to most SIP-/VoIP-PBX