DECT Controllers

The DECT Controller is the heart of the Robust and Industrial DECT infrastructure offered by Funktel: it connects the handsets and base stations to any SIP based PBX in the cloud or on premises and creates a reliable wireless network.

Each Funktel Base Station connected to the same LAN will be detected by the DECT Controller which then creates a separate virtual network to manage them all. A comprehensive debugging function enables Funktel partners to easily create a mission critical DECT system and to quickly find any synchronization problem.

The Funktel DECT Controller is available as an ISO license or hardware and comes in four different sizes:
Basic (up to 3 Base Stations), Small (up to 30 Base Stations), Medium (up to 100 Base Stations), and Large (up to 180 Base Stations).

A basic version is also available for download, enabling you to create a network with up to 3 Base Stations.

The ISO can be installed in a virtual machine. The requirements for the VM are the same for each license:

  • OS: CentOS 7
  • CPUs: 2
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk: 40 GB

To get a free basic version of the DECT Controller, please click the button on the right.

DECT Controllers - Software

Central Servers Enabling High-performance & Secure DECT Communications Networks 

DC Basic


  • 3 Base Stations
  • 30 Handsets
  • 3 concurrent calls



  • 30 Base Stations
  • 100 Handsets
  • 30 concurrent calls



  • 100 Base Stations
  • 250 Handsets
  • 40 concurrent calls




  • 180 Base Stations
  • 1000 Handsets
  • 60 concurrent calls


DECT Controllers - Hardware