ATEX certified DECT handsets for hazardous areas

Secure and reliable communication devices for workers in hazardous areas in industry, paint shops, textile production, utilities, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, refineries, gas plants or the food industry

Employee safety is a particular challenge in hazardous areas. Only specially designed and certified radio handsets may be used in these areas. With the FC4 Ex HS and the FC4 S Ex HS, Funktel offers two ATEX-certified DECT telephones for use in gas zones 1 and 2. The devices are extremely durable and can withstand the stresses of industrial atmospheres and extreme environmental influences. In GAP mode, they can be integrated into any existing DECT infrastructure.


  • Explosion protection: gas zone 1 and 2
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • GAP compatible
  • Shatterproof display integration
  • Volume up to 92 dB
  • Self-replaceable, screw-on Li-Ion battery with exact level indicator
  • Diversity DECT antenna for better connection

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Explosion protected Industrial DECT Handset

The FC4 Ex HS was specially designed for use in hazardous areas and can be operated in gas zones 1 and 2 in accordance with the current ATEX directive. The FC4 Ex HS is GAP compatible and can be easily integrated into all common DECT networks. The device is protected against water jets and dust and designed for operation with gloves.



Explosion protected Lone Worker Protection DECT Handset

The FC4 S Ex HS is an ATEX-certified DECT handset for single workers in hazardous areas. With its combination of manual and automatic alarm functions, this DECT handset is a highly reliable tool that can be comfortably used by personnel in hazardous work environments in raffineries, factories, or power plants.


FT4 Ex TETRA Handset

High performance and security in explosive environments

The FT4 Ex is an extremely robust TETRA radio handset for use in potentially hazardous surroundings, such as chemical factories, power plants or mining. The device is intrinsically safe according to ATEX and IECEx standards and comes with a sturdy casing that is protected against dust and water jets (IP 65).