Monaural headset for crystal clear sound


This monaural headset is compatible with all Funktel handsets and can be converted to be worn on the left or right ear. It comes with a 1.3 metre direct cord and a 2.5 mm jack that can be plugged into all Funktel handsets. With its noise cancelling microphone this headset reduces background noise and provides crystal clear sound even in loud surroundings, making the wearer able to work with both hands at the task while still being able to communicate with call partners.
To adjust the volume and to answer or end calls, the wearer can use the corded in-line controller that can be easily accessed even when wearing gloves. Thanks to the adjustable, flexible headband and comfortable ear hook, this headset was designed to avoid pressure points and offers wearing comfort over an extended period. The clothing clip can be used for fixing the cord in position to enable unhampered work.


  • Corded, convenient duoset headset
  • Crystal clear communication with high speech clarity
  • Noise cancelling microphone - reduces background noise
  • Flexible microphone arm for optimal placement and alignment of the NC microphone
  • Accessory slip-on windshield 
  • Corded in-line controller for setting the volume and call answer/end 
  • Convertible model for 2 wearing options - monaural - can be worn on the left or right
  • Adjustable, flexible headset headband
  • Headband and comfortable ear hook with convenient cable routing avoid pressure points
  • Clothing clip for fixing the cord in position to enable unhampered work
  • Replacement open foam rubber ear pad included as standard
  • Connection: direct cord 1.3 metre with 2.5 mm jack